Sunday, June 10, 2007


I told a friend about FD and in attempting to describe it to him I was very specific about it being about the NBA. In responding to me, he mentioned it as a basketball site. I quickly corrected him. It is not a basketball site. It is about the NBA. He questioned what the difference was and I couldn't legitimately answer. I just told him to, "just read it".

Now I get the difference. When I watch the NBA, basketball is secondary to the internal plots of the proceedings. I'm watching Kobe/AI/Sheed's story evolve. The individual stories of the artists are of import. When I watch football, baseball, or even college b-ball, I'm experiencing the story of the game, season, or team(s). The drama is only human insofar as the participants are human, but the core remains sports related. The NBA exists outside of basketball.

Rocco Chappelle,
February 2006

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