Friday, April 4, 2008

And Chasing the Isolated Splashes

And chasing the isolated splashes of my lamentations,
Putting on music rather than swallow sleeping
Pills, clutching half the blanket in my knees,
I love you with every nucleus of my cell
And I want to include you in each cell of my naked
Body, but don't strive toward the secret it conceals,
For it remains transparent until I clothe it
In a betrothal dress, in a wedding dress, and then it won't
Go dim -- more likely it will remain in tones of white.
I want you to give me I don't know what, give me
Who could get what. Come close, lift me into your palms,
And I'll break out into words. And you'll make out the truth
In their thunder. Only the truth. And nothing else besides.

"And Chasing the Isolated Splashes," Anna Russ
Contemporary Russian Poetry, 2008

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